iFly’s Boeing 737 MAX add-on for Prepar3D is getting closer and closer to release. Recently, the developer took to the Flight1 YouTube channel to showcase the latest build of the product featuring rain effects on the cockpit’s windows.

The Boeing 737 MAX has become one of the most well-known Boeing aircraft within the aviation industry and the general public. After years of groundings and scrutiny, the Boeing 737 MAX finally returned to the skies in late 2020 and has slowly become the short-haul aircraft of choice for many airlines. With an updated cockpit design, new CFM Leap engines, and updated winglet design, the 737 MAX family is designed to compete with the Airbus A320neo family.

In late Fall, iFly released their first video showcasing their 737 MAX departing and how the aircraft performs in P3D v5. In this latest video release, we get to see the new rain effects on the cockpit windows, as well as the function of the Heads-up Guidance System (HGS). 

Overall, the rain effects look realistic and comparable to other add-ons that incorporate a similar effects. However, it appears that the speed of the raindrops moving may need adjusting. For instance, at 3,000 feet, the drops were moving at the same rate as when the aircraft had initially rotated off the ground, yet the aircraft was above the clouds and flying significantly faster at 3,000 feet. Finally, the aircraft’s autopilot seemed to overcompensate the banks to stay on course before finally maintaining the proper heading. It is worth noting that the aircraft is still in beta testing, so the systems and effects are not yet final.

FSElite will continue to monitor the aircraft development and any other previews that may release.