Hype Performance Group (HPG) has updated their H145 helicopter variants again, with all variants now reaching the major milestone of version 1.0.

Manufactured by Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter), the H145 family is one of the bestselling twin-engine helicopters in the world with more than 1,350 helicopters in service, covering the military, commercial, and luxury aviation sectors.

The HPG H145 base model comes with the three main H145 variants, each with bespoke modelled interiors and exteriors with PBR textures throughout for optimal visual effects. Outside there are many unique features including fully animated rotors including rotor droop and blade flap, downwash effects, and animated control surface, doors, and wipers.

Inside is decked out with an almost fully interactive cockpit, featuring Airbus’ Helionix avionics suite. The MFDs have map capabilities that can display maps from various providers and in both light and dark modes. The cockpit displays also have an integrated weather radar and either a Garmin GTN750 or TDS GTNXi. A 4-axis autopilot has been modelled, helping to keep the helicopter stable in various conditions with an automatic hover mode, automatic level-off to avoid controlled flight into terrain, and full ILS capabilities.

HPG’s Action Pack is an expansion to the Base Pack, and introduces a further 5 rescue and utility H145 variants; HEMS, Search and Rescue, firefighting, Coast Guard, and Offshore Utility. Again, each variant has bespoke exterior and interior modelling with appropriate mission-specific equipment installed, such as a hoist, bambi bucket, or stretcher with associated medical equipment.

The HPG H145 Base Pack is available now from the HPG store for $42.99 USD. The H145 Action Pack expansion is also available now from the HPG store for $35.00 USD.

Version 1.0 Updates

Base Pack:

Hype RadioVarious bug fixes

Action Pack:

Launch of Offshore and Cargo variantsHoisting to moving targets4 new realistic worldwide liveriesIncluded missions, functional cargo hook, audio guidance, sinking boats and much more.