Golden Age Simulations has released its OTW-160 for Prepar3D v1-5 and also FSX. The Meyers OTW (Out To Win) was a 1930s United States training biplane designed by Allen Meyers and built by his Meyers Aircraft Company. The OTW-160 was the final production variant from the team.

According to Golden Age Simulations, “The OTW was a conventional biplane with tandem seating for two in open cockpits and a fixed tailwheel landing gear. The prototype was powered by a 125 HP (93 kW) Warner Scarab engine and it first flew on 10 May 1936. The aircraft was produced in two main variants: the OTW-145 powered by a 145 HP (108 kW) Warner Super Scarab, and the OTW-160 powered by a 160 HP (119 kW) Kinner R-5 engine. Our representation is that of the Kinner-powered model 160.”

Included with the plane is a high-quality model, high-definition texturing and a fully animated cockpit. There’s a bespoke sound package, user-controlled aircraft config tool and a number of liveries.

You can buy Golden Age Simulations’ Meyers OTW-160 for $6.00 from the Just Flight website. Once their sale ends, it will usually cost $14.99.


High quality, fully animated 3D model with four period-correct liveries

3D modelled gauges

Fully modelled detailed Kinner R-5 radial engine

High Resolution (4096 x 4096) DXT5 textures

Fully animated VC with VC cockpit shadowing and smooth 3D modelled gauges

User-controlled Aircraft Configuration Manager

Custom VC sound package

Volumetric propeller textures

High Fidelity sound files

Precision flight dynamics

Fully animated pilot figures

Custom installer for P3D (all versions), FSX and FSX:SE