Global AI Ship Traffic, the popular add-on adding maritime traffic all around the world, has recently been updated to version 3. The update includes a lot of new features with new ships and new routes.

The V3 update sees an additional 400 new ships, bringing the total of unique ship models close to 900. All repaints included, this makes for close to 1800 ships after the latest update. These 400 new models include new cruise ships, different types of fishing boats and new models for ultra large containerships. The fleet of oil and gas tankers has also been expanded and in the Pacific North West and Northern Europe a number of ferries have been added.

The route network has also been significantly expanded, adding a larger traffic variety that is still appropriate for each region. To ensure that this expansion is performance friendly for your system, the add-on now comes in several parts that can be installed separately. So you only need to install the traffic routes for the regions where you intend to fly.

Global AI Ship Traffic V3 is available for free from