Whilst we already have an Innsbruck Airport (LOWI) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, this hasn’t stopped Gaya Simulations from developing their own version. Over on Facebook, the team shared a bunch of new images in their first previews for the newly announced airport.

“God is in the detail,” they said on the post. We then get a range of preview images from all over the airport. From the close-ups of the tower to nearby road signage showcasing the high resolution texturing the team has achieved with this airport.

Innsbruck Airport (LOWI) is one of Europe’s most challenging airports for pilots to land at. It’s high surrounding terrain, often poor weather conditions and swooping turns on the final approach, means it can be difficult for any pilot to master. Primarily used as a ski-resort airport, Innsbruck is popular with a range of airlines across Europe.

Gaya Simulations has not stated a release, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on it.