Last month, Fulcrum Simulations announced a new Kickstarter campaign for their new throttle set, the Fulcrum One Throttle. This all-metal construction has a smooth lever system and implements non-contact GMR magnetic sensors on each axis along with interchangeable lever tops for different aircraft types. To help enhance the value of the Kickstarter proposition, Fulcrum has announced they will be including the Pro Jetliner Series with all backers of the unit itself.

The Pro Jetliner Series adds additional thrust lever styles, buttons and control levers to allow you to customise the controls based on the aircraft type you’ve chosen to fly. The Pro Jetliner Series was originally going to be roughly an extra £100 to purchase but is now offered to anyone who backs the Kickstarter to further enhance the value.

After listening to feedback from customers we are now including our Pro Jetliner series of thrust levers in the base Kickstarter package!

Our throttle system is now unique in that it is the only metal versatile throttle system that can be angle to match configurations of different aircraft. It also comes with working reverse levers and toga and AT disconnect buttons.

Of course it still comes with the standard twin propeller setup as before.

This means that you will now receive 4 engine thrust levers with working reverser levers and TOGA and Auto Throttle disconnect buttons. You can run these as 2 or 4 engines and it also comes with speed brake and flap levers to match.

This is a significant saving over the retail price as these were scheduled to launch after the kickstarter for around £100!

If you want to see the Fulcrum One Throttle’s new Jetliner Series Levers, you can watch the new video posted on the Kickstarter page.

In order for the Kickstarter to succeed, Fulcrum will need to meet the funding goal of £50,000. There are currently three tiers available for those wanting to fund this Kickstarter:

£10 or more will see receive a Fulcrum Simulator Controls Mug.
£300 or more will see you receive a Fulcrum One Throttle. This is a limited deal and only 100 of these options exist.
£349 or more will see you receive the Fulcrum One Throttle.

Providing that the Kickstarter reaches its goal, Fulcrum says that the One Throttle will then start shipping from November 1st 2022. Each backer will get their item delivered via UPS. It’s also good to note that the Fulcrum One Throttle comes with a 2-year warranty for defects and also lifetime support.

As with any Kickstarter project, there are of course risks. Fulcrum has acknowledged that the past few years have seen supply chain issues, but they are hoping to mitigate this by sourcing locally and setting a realistic timeframe. Also, using Kickstarter to fund the project, means that Fulcrum can order large quantities of parts upfront which will help keep costs down and remain on time.

If a Fulcrum One Throttle sounds like something you want to add to your flight simulator set up, then you can pledge your support to the Kickstarter campaign here. As mentioned earlier, only if the Kickstarter is fully funded will the campaign be a success and funds will be passed to Fulcrum. If you want to take part, you have until Sat, July 2 2022 7:00 AM BST to pledge your support.