FSReborn has announced that they will soon be bringing the Sting S4 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. What is particularly unique about this aircraft is that it comes with a full Ballistic Rescue System (BRS) that comes with a fully dynamic flight model and physics.

The Sting S4 is a composite aircraft with a powerful front-engine, meaning this thing is fast, light and speedy. FSReborn has created a realistic rendition of the aircraft, using the new Microsoft Flight Simulator prop simulation and physics, along with having the plane tested by real Sting S4 pilots.

As mentioned, the plane comes with a full BRS that is the first of its kind in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This system will allow you to spawn a parachute and safely bring the aircraft down to land in a truly unique manner. This has been fully implemented with its own physics and flight model.

Alongside that, the aircraft comes with a full maintenance module (via the onboard EFB), that allows you to manage wear and tear, failures and other in-flight consequences that may require you to use the BRS. Another unique feature is the fact that the tyre pressure will change depending on your landings and also affect the movement of the plane when on the ground. Other simulated aspects of the plane include passenger weight, engine carburettor physics, and rain and icing effects.

FSReborn has included detailed 3D modelling and animations, realistic night lighting and a range of liveries.

No release date has been set, but the plane will soon be made available via the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace.