rkApps is back again with a new version of their popular camera and sound effect add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The original ‘core’ product had numerous sound effects and vibration effects that added a sense of immersion in the simulator.

With the new Pro v2 version, FSRealistic has replaced all legacy vibration effects with proper camera effects that really enhance the experience. This includes new touchdown, gravity and breathing effects for any aircraft in the sim. This also includes add-on aircraft such as the Fenix A320 or the PMDG 737-700. All of this is now a possibility thanks to improvements with the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK.

VR users will also appreciate that the product has full VR support.

Popular YouTube content creator Q8Pilot has provided a detailed rundown of the add-on in action.

FSRealistic Pro v2 isn’t yet available for purchase, but it should be in the next few hours/days. It’s worth noting that, as previously mentioned by the team, moving to FSRealistic Pro v2 will be a paid upgrade at a discounted rate for those on the core product. The exact pricing hasn’t yet been announced by rkApps, but we’ll update you once we learn more.

FSRealistic Pro Version 2.0.0

All legacy vibrations effects were replaced with proper camera effectsVR support is now official (camera movements but not UI window in VR)Gravity effect has been addedFront tire touchdown effect has been addedBreathing effect has been addedMultiple sounds got repairedEffects tweaks and bug fixes