The developer of FSRealistic, rkApps, has recently taken to social media to preview their First Person Effect, which brings a new and immersive perspective to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Slated to appear with the release of FSRealistic v2.1.0, this brand-new feature will allow users to explore the sim from a very realistic and personal point of view. Everything from boarding the aircraft via stairs or jetway to a complete pre-flight inspection can soon be accomplished entirely from a first person view, complete with an immersive walking (or running) motion and sounds.

When watching this video, keep in mind that the First Person Effect is still a work-in-progress. The developer has pointed out that this new feature may reduce frames per second by 5-15 fps and may also reduce the antialising quality while being used.

The current version, FSRealistic v2.0.6, can be found here and includes a free seven-day trial.