FSHud launched on Prepar3D last month and the developers said that they were working on a version for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new version has been released, which now supports MSFS to add a new ATC system for simmers.

The tool is described to be in complete control of the air traffic within the simulator – both on the ground and in the air. FSHud manages all aspects of the traffic flow and communications through each stage of the flight. Each aircraft is managed by FSHud and ensures that there will not be a conflict whilst in the sky.

The FSHud panel is how you will directly interact with the tool itself. You will receive voice commands from the application, whilst you will need to use button control to then respond or select choices presented to you by the virtual ATC. You can input your routing and the system will allow you to fly the route as required, whilst ensuring you don’t get any air traffic conflicts.

During your flight, you will be able to interact with ATC and also hear different stylised voices. Right now, however, FSHud is designed to work with IFR flying only, with VFR support coming in the future. It’s worth noting that FSHud is being described as a “first-look” label following an extensive beta test. There are some issues and regular updates will be released.

If you already own FSHud and use it in Prepar3D, you will be able to access the MSFS settings via the update free of charge. It’s all in one package so newcomers to this tool will also be able to use it in P3D.

If you’re looking to add an all-new Air Traffic Control system to your simulator, you can buy FSHud from Flight1 right now for $34.95.