A brand new update is now available for GSX Pro on Microsoft Flight Simulator that will enable a long-awaited feature: remote deicing pads.

In a video shared by the lead GSX Pro developer, we see how the deicing pads will function in the simulator. The simmer will be able to call up the in-sim menu and select a deicer provided that the airport file has one supported. Multiple deicing pads can be added and then selected. Once done, you can enable a follow-me car or simply have a point appear highlighting the route to the deicing pad.

Once you arrive at the pad area, the display will show your flight number (if using SimBrief) and the deicing stand name. A guidance system will then help guide you to stop at the correct location. After you have stopped, you can either reposition the aircraft, or you can call the deicing vehicles. They will arrive fairly quickly and will start the process.

If an airport doesn’t have a custom profile that features deicing pads, you will still be able to use this feature. You will simply be able to call up the GSX menu and then call for deicing wherever you please. However, if the airport does feature a profile that has deicing pads, you will only be able to call the deicing units in those specified locations.

You can watch the full video above.

You can download the free update now by running FSDT Live and GSX Pro will automatically install the new update.

Alternatively, you can pick up GSX Pro from the FSDreamTeam website for $32.99.