The German developer FSDG recently released Bremen Airport (EDDW) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, stating that it’s the team’s most detailed scenery yet – an exciting announcement for one of the most well-regarded scenery developers in the game.

Bremen Airport, located in the Northern German city of Bremen, has beginnings that date way back to the early 20th century as an airfield conducting experimental flights. Both world wars caused the airport to halt civilian use but development started up again in the 1950s. Now the airport jets millions of passengers to and from airports all over Europe.

FSDG’s Bremen Airport is highly detailed with fully customized airport vehicles and facilities, an ultra-realistic light environment, interior modeling, and much more. Check out the full feature list below.

If you’re interested in adding a new destination to your collection of German airports, you can purchase Bremen Airport on the FSDG website for €22.61 (19% VAT incl.).

Feature List

Extremely accurate and detailed rendition of ‘Hans Koschnik’ International Airport, Bremen, Germany (EDDW)

Outstanding level of detail with fully customized airport vehicles and facilities

Ultra-realistic light environment and interior modeling

MSFS technologies (dynamic lighting, seasonal changes, reflective textures)

Compatible with all known add-ons including GSX and our Landmarks of Germany series

Includes custom GSX profile for further airport enhancements

Manual included