FlyingIron has issued yet another update for their Spitfire for MSFS. Update 1.2.1 fixes a few issues that were inadvertently introduced with the previous major update (1.2.0). One of the most notable fixes has to do with the fuel functionality, with changes to the fuel pump, wobble pump and fuel valve logic. There were also fixes made to the flight model to account for updates in Sim Update 9, as well as changes to the sound among other things. Last but not least, the update post by FlyingIron contains a small teaser for one of their upcoming planes, with what appears to be a Focke-Wulf Fw 190 obfuscated in the background.



Reverted fuel pump to OFF during cold startSet default pilot to WWIIImproved fuel valve logic. The fuel valve can now be toggled with the Toggle Engine 1 Fuel Valve keybind.GNS430 can now be powered on/off with the COM1 volume buttonImproved the rudder trim wheel interaction speedFixed radiator flap not responding to manual overrideFixed clock animationHalved the speed of icingImproved the baro knobWobble pump logic improvedAdded aileron trim control to tablets settings. Be sure to TURN OFF ‘Auto Rudder’ in the assistance settings as this is causing major right roll.Base oil temperature slightly decreasedOptimized primer animation and interaction codeCanopy slide auto-shuts under a steeper angle now, making it easier to open on approach.Transponder digit rolls correctedFixed checklists by removing incorrect idle/cutoff referenceFixed CTD when saving custom camera views

Flight model

Slightly tweaked performance to compensate for SU9 changes (slightly lowered thrust at take-off)Reduced wheel brake power


Engine starter whine sound re-addedNew engine booster sound addedAdded startup pops and backfiresAdded prop sound when engine is turned offEngine shutdown timing with sound improvedImproved groundroll and propwash transitionsGeneral rebalancing


Greatly improved the cockpit shadows and eliminated almost all light leakingModified clock arms to more accurately reflect the real gauge