P-38 Update

FlyingIron Simulations has issued a comprehensive update for their P-38L Lightning for MSFS. The update makes some significant changes to the aircraft, such as the implementation of full CFD (computational fluid dynamics) for the flight model. The ground handling has also received a major overhaul, with the nosewheel now being a free castering one, the cockpit now includes more vibration animations for certain elements that we’ve also seen in FlyingIron Simulations’ F6F-5 Hellcat, and a lot of changes have been made to the engine and fuel consumption that will behave in a more realistic manner.

Last but not least, the Workshop has now also been included in the tablet included with the plane, which allows you to see the wear and tear on certain elements depending on how you’ve been using the plane. A full changelog can be found at the end of this article.

F6F-5 Hellcat on Marketplace

FlyingIron Simulations’ F6F-5 Hellcat is now also finally available via the MSFS Marketplace. This popular warbird was the US Navy’s dominant fighter in the second half of the Pacific War. It’s easily recognisable by the powerful roar of the Pratt & Whitney R-2800-10W Double Wasp Radial Engine, or by its folding wing mechanism when parked on the deck of aircraft carriers. You can read our thoughts on FlyingIron Simulations’ Hellcat over in our review. The plane comes with the same features as its non-marketplace counterpart, minus the inclusion of visible cannon ports. The plane is available for roughly €30 on the Marketplace.

P-38 Changelog

Flight Model

Implementation of full CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) including tuned CFD ground effectImproved Adverse YawRudder, aileron and elevator fine-tuningTuned dive recovery flapsTuned elevator trim

Ground Handling

Free castering nosewheel steering, augmented with custom rudder/propwash code (steer with rudder/propwash, differential breaking and/or differential thrust)Suspension re-tuning (lower static compression)General ground handling fine-tuningFixed tailstrike after pushback issue


Ground roll and engine vibration animation for the Yoke, RPM needles and MP needlesNew yoke animation based on actual control surface deflectionsGPS on/off function using COM1 volume knobGPS dimmable using the Glareshield Instrument rheostatModern pilot visibility during zoom fixed

Engine and Propeller

Prop RPM at higher altitudes can reach much lower RPMsFuel consumption tunedNew Lean/Rich fuel consumption logic giving correct consumption at all configurationsCarb icing now depends on cloud densitySlightly increased thrust during take-off roll


Added Workshop tabAdded Hobbs meters to the Live Data tab


Fixed MSFS Checklist highlight issues