Microsoft Flight Simulator’s freeware A320neo by FlyByWire Simulations has been updated to version 0.9.0, bringing a whole host of updates to ‘enhance the user experience’.

Implementing major work across a variety of systems, such as the hydraulics, air conditioning and electrical systems, the update is now live for sim pilots.

Furthermore, the update now means the aircraft supports SimBridge, allowing FlyByWire to ‘ulitize external systems more easily’, such as company route support and MCDU remote display.

The full list of features are as follows:

Brand new EFB with flyPadOS 3 bringing an expanded feature set and quality of life updates

Realistically simulated Flight Control Computers: ELAC/SEC/FDCD/FAC

Major improvements to the FMGC resulting in better leg and navigation management

Fully realistic hydraulics simulation across all aspects of the A32NX

Improved logic, visuals and elements in the PFD, SD, and MCDU

Air Conditioning System Controller connected to our custom electrical system

Further CPDLC and ATSU improvements with new features

FBW’s SimBridge external features
Company Routes Support (New)

flyPad Local Charts Support (New)

MCDU Remote Display (migrated from old implementation)

External Printer (migrated from old implementation)

You can read their full release notes here.