The team behind the free A32NX for Microsoft Flight Simulator has issued a new update to the onboard EFB that adds a range of new features and makes it more user-friendly than ever before. Described as a “best in class” EFB experience, the new flyPadOS 3 adds a refreshed user experience and features that help make the free A32NX even better.

The flyPadOS has been overhauled with many improvements that add new information to the dashboard. This includes shortcuts, flight status and planned route information, METAR info, active checklists and also the ability to activate failures. The focus really is on allowing pilots to easily jump between all elements found in the tablet device, which also includes seamless integration with simBrief and also online networks such as VATSIM and IVAO.

Another hugely important element of the EFB developed by FlyByWire is the fact it offers support for over 30 languages. In a world where accessibility is becoming more important in this global community, this is incredibly useful to those who don’t speak English.

Performance calculation is another area that has been improved with the new OS. Landing calculation is effortlessly done. You will be able to change a range of options to calculate accurate stopping distances on the runway and get a visual overview of how far down the runway you will be coming to a complete stop.

There are also new checklists that recognise the phase of flight and pull up the correct ones to help get you in the air (or on the ground) faster. Additionally, the brand new integrated pushback tool allows for more refined controls over where your aircraft is pushed without the need to keep changing views.

Another accessibility feature with the new skyPadOS allows you to easily see online ATC for the network you’re on. You will be able to see the frequency and also pull up the local ATIS information all from the EFB.

There are plenty of new features with this new EFB, but the team are still working on even more. A short list was provided of what the team is adding in the future:

FlyByWire SimBridge Integration for Local FilesLoading custom PDFs straight into the flyPadRight to Left WritingPushback PlanningImprovements to Brightness ControlThrottle Calibration WizardW&B Loading PageDrawing on Charts

skyPadOS3 is now available via the development branch of the FlyByWire A32NX. No doubt once things have been looked at by more eyes, it will make its way to the stable branch. For now, check out FlyByWire’s latest development blog for even more.