As always, FlyByWire Simulations continue to make great progress on the development of their freeware Airbus A32NX for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Consistent with FlyByWire Simulations’ commitment to transparency surrounding their development progress, the team released an update video on their official YouTube channel, demonstrating the progress of their hydraulics simulation.

The team has been working for some time simulating the interaction between each independent hydraulic actuator and the input demanded by the Airbus fly-by-wire system. The update video released on YouTube explains that hydraulic actuators fight “hinge moments,” which are caused by air flowing over the control surfaces, in order to keep the control surfaces in their commanded positions. The interaction between the air flow over the control surfaces and the resulting behavior of the hydraulic system will be fully modeled in a future update.

By shutting off the blue and green hydraulic systems, the video demonstrates the hydraulic-aerodynamic interaction. Not only does this cause a significant loss in the aircraft’s ability to roll due to the loss of these hydraulic systems, but the aileron position itself changes as the lower pressure over the wing causes the ailerons to move up.

While we don’t yet know when this update will make its way to the experimental build, it’s always a pleasure to see that the team at FlyByWire Simulations continue to provide the very best in terms of freeware aircraft.