After several preview videos from AviationLads, FlightSim Studio has now confirmed that they plan to release their eJets E175 for Microsoft Flight Simulator on January 10th 2023 under the early access moniker.

Embraer created the series of E-Jets in order to transport up to 100 or so passengers over a distance of around 1800nm. The E175 variant allows for up to 88 passengers to travel in the small twin jet.

The news of its release and early access details comes from the product page posted by FlightSim Studio. Their product page says, “currently, the aircraft is in an Early Access phase. Most of the systems are already implemented at an extensive detail level. However, other important features are still missing, so we continue to release updates on a regular basis.”

However, it’s good to note that the aircraft will be in development for another 12-months after its initial release. The team has created a pretty extensive roadmap page, detailing some of the planned features. However, much of what will be implemented is seemingly up to the community thanks to the feature request submission page. The community can vote on what they want to see next. Currently, VNAV is high on the charts, but isn’t on the first two published phases from FlightSim Studio. A new version, v0.9.1, will be released in two weeks’ time, which includes a handful of bug fixes from the initial v0.9.0 release on Jan 10th 2022.

If you want to see the plane in action, CruiseLevel had the chance to go hands-on with the development team for an extensive live stream. In response to VNAV, the developers said that customers can either “simply wait for the final version if you’re too lazy to think about all these kind of things.”

You can read the documentation for the plane ahead of its release on their website.

Other features of the plane include a custom flight director for the autopilot, realistic Primary Flight Display (LOAD27), a custom soundpack and 7 detailed liveries. The 3D model was created by X-Crafts, whilst the remaining work has been done by FlightSim Studio.

In terms of pricing, the FlightSim Studio’s eJets E175 will start from around €33.00. However, the price will increase as the aircraft gets new features. There’s no upper price disclosed at this point, nor when the pricing will change. It will be released soon via Aerosoft and has been submitted to Microsoft for approval on the in-sim Marketplace.