Over the past few weeks, we have seen various video previews for FlightSim Studio’s upcoming E175 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We have seen the visuals of the plane, but now this preview video highlights some of the system depth we can expect when the plane releases.

Watching the video, we can see that switches and components within the cockpit interact directly with the systems for the aircraft. Warnings will be displayed when certain actions are taken, whilst elements such as the GPU and APU are also modeled. Again, based on what we can see, there is a working fuel and electrical system that works in tandem with the cockpit controls.

It’s a short video that doesn’t really showcase too much of the systems, but we do also learn that FlightSim Studio has worked in cooperation with another E-Jets developer, X-Crafts. If anything, this should mean that we will see a solid level of system depth with this plane.

The 4th and final part of the video series will be out next week.