In a bit of a surprise announcement from our friends at AviationLads, we now know that FlightSim Studio has an Embraer 175 in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The news comes from a short first-look video shared by the video creator and highlights many exterior shots of the aircraft.

Embraer created the series of E-Jets in order to transport up to 100 or so passengers over a distance of around 1800nm. The E175 variant allows for up to 88 passengers to travel in the small twin jet.

In the preview video, AviationLads showcases the exterior model of the aircraft. We can see plenty of details around the wheels, the wing, and also engine animations. The aircraft is seen in various phases of flight, along with a number of liveries such as KLM, United Express, and also Alaska’s SkyWest Airlines.

A new separate video will show off the aircraft’s systems and interior modeling. We’ll keep you updated on that in the future.