In a dramatic and narrated trailer video, FlightFX has confirmed that their Honda Jet will be released on May 31st.

Developer Marwan Gharib has been working on the Honda Jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator for the best part of three years and decided to work with FlightFX for publication duties. The partnership aligns with the vision of both parties as it allows the aircraft to be brought to market quickly and dovetails nicely with FlightFX/Volctech’s upcoming Vision Jet release. Alongside this news, the pricing for the Honda Jet was also revealed.

The HJet is released on the MSFS Marketplace for PC users starting May 31. “At this time we are anticipating release on XBOX as well.” Says Marwan Gharib. “If for some reason there are additional unexpected challenges that surface between now and then we will work to release an update quickly for XBOX users to be able to have access.”

It has also been confirmed that the HJet will release for $24.99 and will be made available for PC and Xbox users.