Scenery developer Flightbeam has taken to their blog to announce what future products will look like for the company. After a stint in New Zealand, Flightbeam is returning to the USA with a focus on major airports around the country.

In the blog post, Mir confirmed that there are four airports in development by himself and could come out in any order. We already knew that San Fransisco (KSFO) was in the works, but there are three other airports in development behind closed doors.

The first of which is Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (KMSP). The second of which is Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport (KPHX). Finally, there is a third unannounced project. Again, these airports are not in any particular order and can come out in any order. It’s also worth noting that these are Mir-developed products only and not indicative of third-party developers that publish under the Flightbeam banner.

Another important point Mir wanted to make is that these airport projects are not ports from Prepar3D, but are “extensive remakes” with San Francisco, in particular, being the “tallest order to date.” There are no estimated releases at this point, but it’s encouraging to see Flightbeam focus so heavily on US airports. He also said that regardless of whether an airport has been made already by another developer, this list is what is in the works by Flightbeam.

As we wait for more Flightbeam products, check out the work already completed with Auckland and Wellington from Flightbeam.

Thanks to Tafia for the tip!