This morning, Fenix Simulations released another new update to their Airbus A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new v1.0.6.146 update addresses some bugs and includes fixes and improvements based on feedback from their customers and internal team.

Some of the fixes include the TOO STEEP PATH bug on the MCDU, TCAS horizontal range, N2 volume on approach increased and improved, screen brightness set to max for cold and dark, performance improvements and more.

The full changelog can be found below. To update your copy, head over to the Fenix Simulations website or open up the FenixSim A320 app on your computer and grab the latest build.




Fixed TCAS

Fixed several crashes/exceptions

LOC Capture in HDG mode improved

Added more variables for which brake temperature modelling is disabled during GSX pushbacks

Screen brightness set to MAX for cold and dark

Minor VNAV calculation error fixed


Minor fixes and adjustments

Particle FX reworked for improved performance

Refactored cockpit wind further so a more noticeable change can be heard below 280knots

Increased volume of brake fans

N2 volume on approach increased and improved

Cockpit wind is now tied to the “environment sounds” slider in MSFS, leaving it at 100% will give the most accurate experience to the real A320

Added seat movement sounds

Cabin lights are now dimmed when set to OFF