The Fenix Simulations team has just released a brand new update to their A320 simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new update adds a range of performance increases, along with overall stability improvements and a number of other quality of life changes.

In terms of performance, the team says that the testing team saw a 16% (on average) improvement, in particular with users on the CPU rendering with the display quality on Quality/Balanced. In addition, for those with lower VRAM graphics cards, a new lower-resolution cockpit texture option can be selected within the Fenix app. This will also help with frame rates for those on lower-end cards. Displays also now take advantage of multithreading.

Stability, another important point for many, has also improved. The changelog says that various startup crashes have been resolved, whilst other issues are also resolved. This also includes instances of the Fenix app crashing on startup.

A range of other quality of life improvements has been added to this update. Starting at a gate will now spawn the plane in a cold and dark state, whilst a few glitches with this panel state are also fixed. There is now also keyboard F/CTL support added with Fenix saying that they are continuing to add more hardware bindings in the future. The EFB also saw a number of improvements for stability and numerous pushback fixes. Another popular request was the addition of the ability to increase the sim rate. Fenix has implemented an x2 sim-rate but will increase it as they do more testing.

In a bit more of a detailed post from Aamir on the Fenix Discord, he said that usability issues are starting to clear, meaning the team can improve other areas of the product such as save states, autoflight and expanding hardware support. The team are prioritising stability and performance before they then build and improve on the ‘base’ model. Once they’re comfortable with that, the Sharklets and IAE engines will start to follow.

Finally, many people will be pleased to hear that PayPal is now supported when purchasing the Fenix A320.

You can grab version from the Fenix website right now, or clicking the update icon from within the Fenix app.

This is the second update since Fenix released the A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator last month, already improving on the already fantastic aircraft. To learn more about the aircraft, check out our review where Spencer described the Fenix Simulations A320 as an “absolutely incredible aircraft.”