After only a few days of content from the Fenix Simulations team (and content creators), every simmer can now buy and download the hotly anticipated A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Fenix Simulations A320 is the most advanced simulation of the Airbus narrow-body plane created for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Fenix has included a completer autoflight suite, including full lateral and vertical guidance modes, RNAV/RNP-AR capabilities, and complex route construction supporting multiple ARINC424 leg types such as Radius to Fix (RF) legs.

Fenix took 3D scenes of real aircraft to produce an accurate model of the plane, followed by an extensive amount of art created for the texturing detail. There’s a fully 3D soundscape, with sound recordings made onboard an actual A320 for maximum authenticity.

For those that want to test their skills, there are over 200 failures in the plane that can be triggered manually or based Mean-Time-Between-Failures modelling. If something does break, you may have to use one of the 288 modelled circuit breakers to help resolve the situation.

An onboard EFB provides you with the information you need to fly the plane safely. You can interact with ground equipment, import your SimBrief profile and configure your aircraft. The EFB can also be controlled by your own physical tablet. Careful to not drain the battery or else you could be mid-flight without your EFB.

Finally, Fenix has included over 180 liveries that come with many of them in the correct airline configuration. They can be downloaded via the Fenix livery downloader, with many of the paints in 8K.

The Airbus A320 is a short-haul, narrow-body aircraft created by the European company. Designed to compete with other narrow-body planes, the Airbus A320 was the first passenger jet to implement a fly-by-wire control system. The A320 can carry a maximum of 186 passengers (Fenix models a maximum of 162 passengers) for a maximum range of 3,330nmi.

After purchasing, you will not need to have some kind of 2FA, serial or activation email as it’s all account-based.

You can buy the Fenix Simulations A320 from their website for £49.99. It’s worth noting that PayPal payments are coming online in the near future following a discussion with PayPal. This payment method will come online in a few days. The exact reason is below:

“PayPal was deselected as a launch payment option due to the fact that despite we are verified with them – they could not assure us the account would not be completely locked from receiving any further payments due to a sudden influx of income – this would subsequently present a risk to our activation servers, so we are simply being proactive to keep this launch as comfortable as possible.”

This Base package includes the A320 CFM. IAE engine variant and sharklet wing-tips will be added in the future as a free update.


A320-200 with CFM56 Engines181 Free Liveries (with most with correct airline configurations)200+ Failures288 Working circuit breakersCustomisable aircraft configuration…and so much more!