After a few months of no news from the Fenix Simulations team, a brand new update was released to the public that improved on the already impressive A320. The new update, version, is the result of months of hard work to improve many parts of the short-haul narrow body Airbus aircraft.

In the Discord post by the team, the new update improves various aspects of the simulation. Large ticket items such as VNAV and flight modelling have been addressed along with smaller things such bug squashing issues with the livery manager.

One area highlighted that was fixed with this update was the drag effect flaps had on the aircraft. In addition, rotation behaviour has also been addressed with version of the Fenix Simulations A320. The changes to the flight model have been tested by various team members and pilots, followed then by being cross-checked in a Level-D simulator. Aamir says, “Rotation and post rotation has been reworked to allow for a smoother, more consistent behaviour. This involved changing the way the physical elevator on the aircraft worked, along with system-side tweaks to improve what the software was doing with the elevator. We’ve modelled this after some great data from our tech team, and cross-checked it thereafter with a couple of the type-rated members in the team – the aircraft will drop it’s nose during the blending phase, but no longer anywhere near as aggressively as it did before. This behaviour was then validated in the level-D simulator.”

Other areas of improvement come from the graphic and sound departments. The engine sounds have been completely reworked and artwork throughout has seen changes to improve the general look and feel of the plane. In addition, VR users have been heard and the EFB now scales for those users, whilst other elements of the plane have been improved to accommodate various headsets.

Systems also saw improvements too, with things such as VNAV having an extensive amount of work. Aamir says, “VNAV was re-math’d, this was a painful process taking weeks of work from our team. Most probably qualify for a phD in Math at this point. This was done in order to ensure we captured not just the functionality of the aircraft’s systems, but also their character – as the A320 tends to descend toward the upper end of the speed band, as opposed to constantly getting slow on speed and hugging the bottom bracket. It’s important to stress that VNAV in general (and in the real aircraft) is far from perfect – and speeds will absolutely vary, sometimes sitting at the bottom bracket, sometimes sitting at the top of the bracket, sometimes in between.”

VNAV will continue to be worked on in the future as the team continues to refine the aircraft.

The full changelog is down below. To update your copy, head over to the Fenix Simulations website and grab the latest build.


[SYSTEM]Fixed livery manager launch issue and admin permissionsVirtualise CDU engine identityDo not allow named with slashes as pilots waypoints to prevent invalid entries in new waypoints page to be treated as new waypointsFixed issue with Constant mach segments clearing too soonFixed OPT ALT showing more than certified max altFixed GPWS alert not disengaging when switching off GPWS SYS when alert activeInhibit eng oil pressure advisory during shutdownExposed “Elevator trim motor” numerical output to drive trim motorCommunicate seatbelt signs state to simconnectAllow non ILS approach to activate with dual RA failureFixed CSTR labels missing in PLAN mode if IRS not fully alignedAdjusted range change for baro minumumsFully reset error on quickalignFixed latlon2XYFixed NEW WAYPOINT RETURN prompt always going to FPLN-A instead of previous pageWhen in NAV override mode, RMP should start in course mode when selecting ILS or VORImprove autoland failure logicRevised logic for autoland warning lightFixed rudder trim going over rudder travel limiterIf SEC 1+2+3 failure, use flap handle 2 state instead of gear for direct law triggerLGCIU 2 failure should inhibit nose lights and logo light and CVR testIgnore EFIS QNH input when QNH set to STDRoll pointer should remain yellowAdded missing FOR LDG: USE FLAP 3 message when flap 3 selectedDual ADR fault will cause flaps 1+f in the air when flaps selected 1ADR 1+2 fault should cause GPW TERR FaultEnabled new Fenix idle descend formulaSwitch Fenix to VISUAL_FRAMESwitch simconnect from SIM_FRAME to VISUAL_FRAMEIncrease gear gravity extend speedUse ADIRU speed as input for autoflight systemFixed a few exceptions clogging up logsFixed a few sources of display freeze bugFix launcher crash when applying textures failsFix attempted for “Processing data” hangAdded safety net for CDU crashing during connection attemptsAssume negative temperature in INIT CRZ FL/TEMP input when no sign used in temperature entryFixed TAF reports may use older dataSlight tuning of MACH font in PFDImprove certification check to prevent crashingFix crash when several FlightSimulator.exe instances are runningHyd reservoirs have direct bleed air source from the left engineRenamed Hung start to Stall/Hung startSlightly adjusted PFD Mach indication to match location of QNHAdjusted outflow valve size to have finer control during manual pressure operationFixed hydraulic pressure not recovering after failure resetRemoved N2 filter during start to prevent fuel flow earlier than 22% N2When engine mode selector set to START, only show ENGINE page during startup phaseFixed FLS anchorpoint calculation should extend from MAP towards runwayCheck A/T master state before override mode in levelchangeAdjusted size of the outflow valve and the ventilation valvesDampened the input of airDampened the cabin VSI indicationAdjusted aircraft energy management at 10,000ft acceleration based on feedback and collated dataUnbreaked panel option saving. Per livery.Fixed VNAV not respecting alt constraints in certain scenariosSpeedbrake disagree when flap full addedPanel state lighting is now adjusted, floods will start at 0 with only 1 notch of integral lighting.Screen backlighting bug resolved, backlights should no longer be “ON” when screens are OFFFOB reading on the upper ECAM should be in 20s not 10sA/THR instinctive disconnect can now be bound, use AUTOTHROTTLE DISCONNECT in MSFS settings to bind.Reduced THR_IDLE spooldown rate and increased gain on open descend pitch control during THR_IDLE transitionGPWS test no longer displays TERR on ND in Plan modeFixed QNH mode not being read correctly when changed during startup or FCU not operationalMake sure that QNH mode is correctly set after loading livery config for FenixFixed incorrect handling of RAT extension solenoid 2Slight tuning of speedbrake speedAdjusted spoiler deflection speed for roll functionAIRPORT button will now jump to MAP if destination runway is not in flightplanClock no longer set to run on startCorrected/amended SEC laws regarding deployment of aileron as a spoiler during landingLOC approach in the FMS shouldn’t show VDEV warning fixedSpoiler order for roll adjusted to match engineering dataALT CRZ should not have dot in FCU ALT window fixedAdded friction/wear simulation to spoiler deploymentFixed Bulk Cargo door not workingAdded APPR IDLE and all relevant cascading items. The effect of this should be that Go-Arounds now take the correct spool time to achieve TOGA inside the required certification window of 6s.New “simplified” NWS logic added, simply put – if you want to use the tiller when you ONLY have a rudder axis and no nose wheel steering axis bound, simply push the PED DISC button on the tiller. This will now give you tiller only control via your rudder pedals until speed > 20knts AND thrust set above CL, or if speed > 45knts. If you have nose wheel steering axis, then DO NOT USE THIS.Fixed inconsistency issues with latched buttons when setting panel states – latched PBs should now be appropriately set as LATCHED or UNLATCHED as opposed to simply being locked in the position the aircraft started in, despite changing panel state. This was painful.[ART&SOUND]Completely new engine soundsetClickspots have been completely overhauled to improve behaviour and accuracyDefault pilot camera now has a higher FOV and is angled down so that the main panel is visibleImproved accuracy of FCU button annunciatorsOxygen mask panel covers now close when cockpit windows are opened to avoid clippingParking brake handle animation is now more realisticFixed hole in side of trim wheelCaptain/FO seat positions can now be adjustedChanged color of pedestal flood lightsFixed texture issue on captain sidestickFixed some overhead buttons not being in the correct state on loadCabin lights no longer turn off in the exterior view when the cabin is hidden via the EFBReworked cockpit window dragging behavior to improve experience in VRThe EFB now scales up when in VRAdded highlights to all clickspots when using locked interaction modeDisabled default AI ground power unit and boarding stairsImproved appearance of nav light bulb textures when litNav light ground splashes have been made a bit brighterBeacon and strobe flash patterns are now properly synchronized (thanks to bouveng from FBW for the help on this!)Fixed touchdown smokeAdded external showcase camerasHeat blur exhaust effect now fades out by 160 knotsHorizontal stabilizer trim animation is no longer stuck[FM]Rewrote elevator modellingRewrote flap drag modellingRewrote flap lift modellingRewrote rudder modellingRewrote engine thrust modellingChanged spoiler effectivenessAdjusted ground effect