Starting off last week’s newsletter, Eagle Dynamics have indicated that a new open beta update for DCS has been released. Among the most notable changes coming along with this update is the release of the DCS: Black Shark 3 add-on.

For those avid readers not yet in the know, “Black Shark” is the code name given to the Soviet/Russian Kamov Ka-50 single-seat attack helicopter. The helicopter was originally designed in the 1980s and was initially introduced into the Russian armed forces in 1995. In addition to featuring formidable firepower, the aircraft’s most distinguishing feature is its so-called coaxial contra-rotating rotor system which allows the aircraft to work without needing a tail rotor assembly.

Also exciting and unique to this aircraft is the fact that it comes equipped with ejection seats. However, before being propelled out of the cockpit, the aircraft’s rotor blades are blown away using integrated explosive charges, following which the cockpit canopy is jettisoned, and the rockets in the ejection seat ignited.

With the release of DCS’ new open beta update, Eagle Dynamics has also released their third iteration of this highly successful Russian attack helicopter. In addition to featuring a completely revamped exterior model, the new Black Shark 3 features removable external hatches and objects, Igla air-to-air missiles, a new missile warning system, and a completely overworked inertial navigation system.

Eagle Dynamics Black Shark 3 product is available for purchase via the developer’s online store and will cost existing owners of the Black Shark 2 module $9.99 that until mid-March 2023, following which the upgrade price will be increased to a permanent $19.99. New customers can acquire the Black Shark 3 for the full price of $69.99.

In addition to releasing their third iteration of this formidable combat helicopter, the developer has also released a sequel to its successful F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion campaign titled F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II. The new campaign features 13 distinct story-driven missions and can be bought via the developer’s online store for $10.99.

Finally, the newsletter concludes with Eagle Dynamics announcing that the AH-64D Apache attack helicopter has been added to the developer’s free trial program, providing potential customers with the opportunity to trial the product for a period of 2 weeks before committing to purchasing it.