Eagle Dynamics released a short teaser of an upcoming C-130J module produced by Airplane Simulation Company. This marks a first for DCS in terms of full-fidelity large aircraft and is sure to enhance the rich array of military aircraft that DCS already offers.

The C-130 Hercules is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft designed by Lockheed Martin. It holds the title of longest continuously produced military aircraft, having been in service for almost 70 years. Used for a variety of roles on the battlefield such as airborne assault, search and rescue, aerial refueling, firefighting, and more, the C-130 is exceptionally versatile. The J-variant of the C-130 is the newest version of the Hercules with new engines, flight deck, and systems (such as a glass cockpit and modern navigation suite).

In a weekly newsletter, Eagle Dynamics also mentioned some exciting new variants that will be planned for the near future including KC versions, which will allow for aerial refueling. This is very exciting news for those of us who enjoy coordinated multiplayer sessions, as player-to-player refueling will soon be possible. Additionally, Eagle Dynamics released some tasty screenshots – we’ve included some of those here.