Drzewiecki Design took to social media to show the latest progress on their highly anticipated Newark Airport scenery for MSFS. The project has been in the works for some time, but these latest screenshots highlight the latest work completed on Terminals A and C.

Whether you love it or hate it as a passenger, Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR) is one of the major gateways to the New Jersey/New York region. EWR Airport is one of the oldest airports in the United States and grew rapidly with Continental Airlines operating its Northeast hub at the airport. Since Continental and United Airlines merged in the early 2010s, United has heavily invested in new routes and facilities at EWR.

Much of these new previews showcase the modeling and highly-detailed interior of United’s Terminal C. However, one of the most exciting pieces revealed is Drzewiecki Design’s addition of the new Terminal A, which currently under construction in real life. Unlike the original Terminal A, the new design features high ceilings, plenty of gate space, and lots of natural light. While the general public has only seen renderings and exterior views when flying out of Newark, it does appear that Drzewiecki Design’s rendition is an accurate portrayal of the new terminal.

While Drzewiecki Design has not given a date yet for the release of the scenery, these new previews indicate they are making good progress and that a majority of the terminal modeling is completed. It is also unclear if the P3D version of KEWR will receive an update to include the new Terminal A.

FSElite will continue to monitor the progress of the airport and hopefully bring news of a release soon.