Established developer Drzewiecki Design have brought the Polish airport of Rzeszów-Jasionka to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Situated in the south-east of Poland, the airport has become the eighth busiest in the country, with a torrent of low-cost flights across Europe and domestic hops making it a hive of activity.

Furthermore, despite being relatively petite in size, it has the unique accolade of being the smallest airport in Europe with a direct scheduled transatlantic flight.

Drzewiecki Design’s product features an incredibly high quality depiction of the terminal and surrounding buildings. The interior of the airport’s new terminal, opened in 2012, is represented in the scenery, with a high level of detail and PBR materials also included in the control tower and hangars.

Night textures, dynamic lighting and a high definition mesh have all been incorporated in the scenery, however the developers insist it is FPS-friendly with a focus on performance.

Upgrade options are available for customers who have already purchased previous Polish Airports Vol. 1 in the Aerosoft Shop.

You can purchase Rzeszów Airport by Drzewiecki Design from for €14.40 (excluding VAT) here.


A high quality model of EPRZ Rzeszów Airport, featuring the up-to-date version with extensive details throughout the whole airportFPS-friendly design, with epic night textures, dynamic lighting and PBR materialsHigh definition mesh including exact runway profilePerformance-friendly interior modeling at terminal buildings, control tower and hangars, advanced night lighting, custom animations, sound effectsRzeszów City landmarks and EPRJ airport included