Developer DominicDesignTeam has brought us Indianapolis International Airport (KIND) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Indianapolis International Airport is Indiana’s busiest airport, located seven miles southwest of downtown Indianapolis. It is also home to the second-largest FedEx Express cargo hub in the world. The airport sees a number of different airlines on a regular basis with over 40 destinations across the US.

DominicDesignTeam’s product has been created with painstaking attention to detail including a high-quality depiction of the terminal and surrounding buildings, PBR texturing, realistic ground markings, custom jetways, a detailed terminal interior and animated passengers.

Indianapolis International airport can be purchased from SimMarket for €18.99 (Excluding VAT) here.


PBR TexturesDynamic LightingReal Ground MarkingsCustom, painstakingly hand-crafted pavement, showcasing all imperfections including dirtCustom jetwayCustom animation object, passenger animation, bus airport animation