Highly anticipated by many, DCS World has their newest map now available through early access. The South Atlantic map, developed by Razbam, covers 3.1 million square kilometres, making it one of the largest DCS maps currently available.

The map includes coverage of Chile, Argentina and the Falkland Islands, set in the modern day. The vast difference in types of terrain allows for a wide variety of missions for content creators, whereas the sheer size of the map itself enables to opportunity to create a large scale of operations. The map will continue to be improved during its early access phase, and several development items have already been listed on the shop page. These include refined noise map titles, improvements to sea cliffs and elimination of forest tile lines.

As a bonus with the map, the development team will include an asset pack that will become available in the near future. The asset pack will contain several new assets, both military and logistic. You can expect items such as different types of frigates, the HMS Invincible carrier, amphibious and emergency service vehicles, and buildings such as a lighthouse and a tower crane.

The DCS: South Atlantic map is available for $55.99 during the early access from the E-shop.