In their weekly newsletter Eagle Dynamics has announced a new map being in development. The Sinai map will be developed by third party developer OnReTech, and will provide an accurate representation of the Sinai Peninsula. The map will get a size of 1500x1000km, with 700x700km of it in high detail. About 40 airfields, both military and civilian, will be included, and the map will represent the 2000’s up to the present. It offers a perfect backdrop for scenarios based on the Arab-Israeli wars. The map will be developed in three phases, each of these adding more detail and airfields. The development team aims to offer the first two phases already in early access.

DCS’ upcoming WWII Marianas map also got a status update in the weekly newsletter. The development team is hard at work to recreate the Mariana Islands the way they looked in the summer of 1944. This means re-doing several parts of the map based on United States Navy and Military pre-invasion maps. New plantations have been added, as well as the coastline and settlements being further improved.