Over on Facebook, developer DC Designs has shown a few more previews of their upcoming AV-8B Harrier for MSFS. The developer confirms that the Harrier’s flight dynamics will indeed allow it to slightly ”bow” forward while hovering, something that was requested by several people. One of the previews indeed shows the Harrier doing just that. Although bowing will be possible, it comes with the side-note that doing so will be very difficult if you want to prevent the plane from climbing, descending or drifting. Adding to the complexity will be the way the aircraft responds to changes in thrust, with the Harrier responding to N2, adding a delay between changing the power setting and this resulting in engine power.

DC Design also teased a new project, which remains a secret for now. The official announcement of the project will be made next week, but the developer did state that this project is a fighter aircraft, “one of the most modern and popular in the world”. DC Designs has partnered with another developer that will be responsible for the flight model, systems and other coding, while DC Designs will take care of the 3D model and animations. According to the post, there are already a few more products in the pipeline for MSFS on both PC and Xbox which we will learn more about in due time.