Relatively new developer Cockspur has released a brand new SG38 Schulgleiter for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The high-wing glider was first made in 1938 with over 10,000 of the type built. It may not be in production anymore, but there is still a good handful flying today.

The glider itself, by today’s standards at least, is somewhat poorly designed with a glide ratio of just 10:1. Once in the air, the real challenge is to try and stay there for as long as possible.

Cockspur has designed and built the glider for MSFS. It includes a winch system to get the glider in the air. After that, it’s all down to you to keep the plane in the air and push yourself to fly far as possible.

If you want to push yourself and fly this classic glider, then you can pick up a copy from Cockspur’s website for €2.99.

You can also learn a bit more about Cockspur’s previous aircraft, the A22-LS in our previous post. The team is also working on an Citation 510 for those wanting something a bit more powerful.