A brand new business jet is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After an extensive period in development, Cockspur’s biggest project to date is ready to take to the skies. The C510 Mustang has been a project of passion for the team and comes with a range of details and features that will give you an accurate experience of flying the biz jet around the virtual world.

The Cessna Citation Mustang Model 510 first flew in 2005 and has since grown to be a very popular business jet, having nearly 500 built. Up to 5 passengers can typically fly, with the aircraft being able to reach a maximum altitude of 41,000ft. It’s also pretty nimble with a max speed of over 480mph and a range of just over 1,340 miles.

For this rendition of the plane, Cockspur promises the aircraft has an accurate flight model, systems and other goodies that will make the whole experience fun. It includes an interactive cabin, visible passengers, custom engine sounds and various liveries. Furthermore, there are three different variants included: the Standard aircraft, the High Sierra and finally an Air Ambulance.

You can buy the Cockspur C510 Mustang from their website only right now. In the future, it is planning to come to the in-sim Marketplace. If you wish to buy it now, you can do so for €24.99.


3 different variants; Standard, High Sierra, and air ambulanceMultiple liveriesDifferent static elements depending on the variantAccurate flight modelAccurate systems modellingBuilt from scratch for MSFSInteractive CabinVissible passengersCustom engine soundsExtensive documentationDeveloped with help from real Mustang PilotsG1000 NXi integration