Fresh out of the hangar comes CJ Simulations first product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the iconic multirole Eurofighter Typhoon.

First taking to the skies in 1994, the delta wing Typhoon was manufactured by a consortium of European aerospace companies and the aircraft features in a vast array of national air forces across the globe.

Now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team at CJ Simulations say they have produced a ‘top quality aircraft’ that is ‘accessible to all users without the need for intense study’.

The aircraft claims to have been designed to minimise issues with future upgrades to the simulator, allowing for a pain-free use of the product.

The team have enabled the Eurofighter Typhoon to be fully compatible with the simulator’s native materials, such as rain effects and sounds, reflective glass and native aerodynamic structures.

Furthermore, the aircraft comes with 14 paint schemes and is also fully compatible with VR headsets, allowing simmers to fully immerse themselves in combat flying in the simulator.

In a nod to their focus on accessibility for simmers, the team said, “CJ Simulation’s Eurofighter Typhoon is designed to provide a top-quality aircraft that is extremely detailed, yet less demanding to fly than today’s most complex procedural simulators. Equipped with all required avionics, and with custom-coded animations and systems, the CJ Simulations Eurofighter is designed to be accessible to all users without the need for intense study.”

You can purchase a copy of CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon at for £24.99


Truly 3D virtual cockpit featuring accurately modelled ejection seat, controls and detailed texturingInstruments constructed in 3D with smooth animationsCustom-coded MFD screens and Head-Up Display to match the real Typhoon’s displays‘Scratched canopy’ glass effects and reflective glassCrew figure in the virtual cockpit is coded to disappear when you occupy their seat