Carenado has been awfully busy as of late. Not only have they been hard at work on their own products, but they have also been busy creating some of the recent Local Legend releases. However, it appears the team are pivoting back towards some of their own projects with the Pilatus PC12 launching soon.

Carenado took to Facebook and said, “it has been [an] intense [few] weeks of development improving even more details so you can fully enjoy [Microsoft Flight Simulator].” They continued, “we have had a series of development events that have delayed our plans a bit, however, we believe we are close.”

Alongside this, they shared a handful of new images of the PC12 itself.

“We hope to launch our PC12 soon. [..] We appreciate your patience, thank you,” Carenado concluded.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this and be sure to report back when the plane releases.