For those of you looking forward to upgrading your X-Plane simulator from 11 to X-Plane 12 will be pleased to know that a brief statement from Laminar Research has been shared. The statement specifically spoke about the timeline of when ‘Early Access’ to X-Plane 12 will begin.

It’s been made clear since the announcement of X-Plane 12 (almost a year ago) that it will release initially as an Early Access product. That means the team wants to get it into the hands of people and then provide updates based on that feedback. During this time, it will be made available as a digital download only and those who do buy X-Plane 12 during this period can also access X-Plane 11.

With that said, X-Plane 12 has been under a huge amount of testing now for many months and the first public candidate has entered testing. The testing of the first public build will give the team an idea of timeline for when people can actually start using X-Plane 12.

Laminar Research said, “testing will likely start tomorrow and give us a better idea of timeline. If this Alpha build is accepted, we will be able open Early Access to everyone!

We haven’t heard anything from Laminar Research since, but this is great news for anyone eager to get their hands on the next generation of X-Plane.

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