We haven’t seen much in the way of preview footage from FSDreamTeam regarding their popular GSX tool for quite some time. However, Umberto has taken to YouTube to showcase 6-minutes of footage of GSX for MSFS which gives us a look at how you can do airport customisation.

The start of the video shows us how you will be able to use the in-sim toolbar to call on the GSX controls. The usual options are there from deboarding to preparing the aircraft for pushback. In addition, you can also select aircraft and airport customisation options. Those familiar with editing aircraft or airport information when using GSX in other platforms (FSX/P3D) will instantly recognise the menu.

The airport customisation options allow you to change the type of parking system, update whether there are jetways, add a marshaller and also assign specific airline codes. You will also be able to select the type of baggage loaders, the ground handling texture set and even the catering company.

Beyond the menu system, you can also change various waypoints for the aircraft stand, the position of stopping points, where the marshaller is located and more. The video also shows you can add a VGDS to gates that may not be included by the scenery product itself. The handy in-sim visual will also show you the controls for each of the objects you’re moving in the scene.

Beyond the placement of objects in the area, you will also be able to adjust the pushback placement, distance and angle.

The whole video is raw and unedited to give you an idea of how the system works and how much freedom you have.

GSX is one of those tools many miss in Microsoft Flight Simulator and it’s great to see the development progressing nicely. There’s still no definite release date yet for GSX for MSFS, but Umberto says it could be just “weeks now” and not months.