Scenery developer Boundless has confirmed that they are updating their much-loved Dublin scenery for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12. The news comes from their Facebook page, which confirmed some of the new features it will come with.

The team will be focusing on adding the new 10L/28R runway, along with improving the ground textures present in the scenery product. In addition, Boundless is adding new ramp model lights, additional fencing and improving the performance.

Boundless will be also adding X-Plane 12 compatibility so that owners of the new sim can enjoy the Irish airport.

There is no timeframe on when the update is expected, but the team will be updating us as and when. See the full list of expected changes below:

New 10L/28R Runway added

New Fencing Models

XP12 Compatibility

Improved Ground Textures

New Ramp Model Lights

Further Optimisations