Boundless’ Dublin Airport was released earlier this month for X-Plane 11, but the team has already updated the airport scenery to include a few new features and fix some issues that arose upon release.

Amongst the changes are fixes to runway markings, improved taxiway textures and also an improved tower viewpoint.

One of the biggest changes with the new update is the addition of a new ‘wet look’ texture pack that adds water textures to the aprons, runways and taxiways – which is ideal for an airport that is often getting wet. Lewis from the team said, “we are also excited to release our Wet Look expansion for Dublin. The real airport is no stranger to rain, so this optional texture pack adds an overlay of seamless puddle and standing water textures over all aprons, runways and taxiways.” You will be able to get the free texture pack here.

Lewis from Boundless also had this to say regarding the update, “although a small update was in the works anyway (large releases inevitably need some small tweaks after release) the priority of this was increased when we were alerted to a clash with the new version of Boundless Library. This was an unforeseen issue but we are very thankful for the speedy reports of this from our users.

Our team worked very hard and we are incredibly proud to say that we released the patch update within 48 hours of the first report being made. We hope this shows that, even if things don’t go to plan, we are committed to product quality and ensuring our customers get the best in the way of customer service and updates after their purchase”

You can download the update for Dublin Airport from your Boundless account right now and then install it to get the latest version.

This new Dublin scenery comes with a range of features that Boundless is known for. From the use of up-to-date HD Ortho imagery (sources from August 2021) to the fully modelled terminals and nearby buildings. There is also full use of 4K PBR texturing, 3D grass and trees, custom vehicles and the implementation of SAM jetways. Across the airport, you will also find thousands of accurately placed objects and textures to bring the airport to life.

If you don’t already own Dublin Airport for X-Plane 11, you can buy a copy from the Boundless store for £19.99.


Improved Tower ViewpointRunway 10R Markings fixedS5 Missing taxiline fixedLibrary V1.3 Clash fixedImproved Taxiway concrete texturesImproved taxiline texturesOptional ‘wet look’ enabled