Located just outside of Swansea in Wales, this small airport is a great place to take to the skies for some VFR practice. Boundless has developed and released Swansea Airport (EGFH) for X-Plane 11 and it can now be yours.

Boundless’ developer Ally has faithfully recreated the airport based on real-world visits to the airport. Details look as they should with the photorealistic rendition of Swansea. HD ortho is included to seamlessly integrate with the world, whilst the use of 4K textures help bring it all to life. There are also various custom HD vehicles, static aircraft and 3D vegetation throughout for that added realism.

You can pick up a copy yourself from the Boundless store for £7.99.


HD Ortho ImageryExtensive use of HD, Photorealistic texturesAccurate airport layout4K, custom PBR ground textures3D vegetation (including volumetric grass)Smooth performanceCustom HD vehiclesCustom HD Static Aircraft