Located on the stunning Isle of Wight, Bembridge Airfield (EGHJ) is now open for business for X-Plane 11 pilots thanks to Boundless’ latest release.

As one of two airfields on the island, located just to the south of the English mainland, Bembridge is home to the island’s only paved runway, making it an ideal getaway for GA pilots from far and wide.

Built in 1920, and home to the iconic aircraft design and manufacturing company Britten-Norman, the airport is set alongside a stunning coastline, making it a beautiful destination for real world pilots, and now sim pilots too.

The scenery features HD ortho imagery, custom 4K PBR textures and the Propeller Inn pub (a mecca for real world GA pilots!).

You can get yourself a copy from the Boundless store for £7.99.


All airport buildings modelledCustom 4K PBR TexturesFull Custom night lightingHD Static AircraftPropeller Inn and nearby farms fully modelled3D Trees, grass & vegetationExcellent FPSAccurate Airport layout