Boris Audio Works, the developer behind the well-received soundset improvement of numerous X-Plane 11 Cirrus SR22 aircraft, has released an improved soundset rendition for the MSFS default Cirrus SR22.

The soundset improvement has taken the developer more than nine months to put together and uses more than 50 hours of high-fidelity recordings taken utilizing an industry-standard microphone. The developer also indicated that most of the sounds have been redone from scratch and that the soundset will receive continuous updates as time goes on.

The soundset features, among others, redone interior and exterior engine sounds, avionics and ventilation fan sounds, ground roll sounds, and wind and cabin air vent whistle sounds.

Boris Audio Works’ Cirrus SR22 soundset has been released and is available for purchase via the simMarket product page. The product will set you back €15.00 Exc. VAT.

Feature List

Interior and exterior engine sounds

Avionics and ventilation fans

Levers, buttons, and switches


Ground roll

Wind and cabin air vent whistle sounds

Differences of sound when on ground vs. in air

And much more