MSFS aircraft developer BlueBird Simulations took to social media to tease the next project releasing after their upcoming Boeing 757.

In their end-of-2022 post, BlueBird Simulations announced that they are working on an additional aircraft for MSFS. While the developer did not provide any details about the aircraft in question, the photo posted portrays a mid-sized, widebody aircraft with winglets. Based on this photo, it appears BlueBird Simulations’ next aircraft will be the Boeing 767-300.

Many in the post’s comments shared their excitement about the possibility of the Boeing 767 coming to MSFS because of its long-haul flying capabilities. Also, as the “sibling aircraft” to the Boeing 757, the Boeing 767 practically has an identical cockpit to the Boeing 757. The Boeing 767 first took to the skies in 1982 as the Boeing 767-200, with the larger 767-300 introduced in the late 1980s. The Boeing 767 was one of the first two-engine commercial aircraft to be permitted to fly extended distances over water, causing it to become a hit with passenger and cargo airlines.

BlueBird Simulations stated that “there is still much to do” on this upcoming project; however, the photo preview indicates that a majority of the exterior modeling of the Boeing 767 is completed. In addition to announcing this new project, BlueBird Simulations announced that they will be posting more Boeing 757 development updates in the coming weeks.

FSElite will continue to monitor the development of both aircraft and share any future updates.