Recently, BlueBird Simulations took to social media to share some exciting new updates and previews of their upcoming Boeing 757 for MSFS.

For those unfamiliar with the Boeing 757, it is a narrow-body aircraft developed by Boeing to replace the Boeing 727. Known for its iconic Rolls Royce and Pratt and Whitney engines, the Boeing 757 was unfortunately discontinued by Boeing in the early 2000s. However, the aircraft’s payload and range capabilities have caused it to grow in popularity.

In these latest previews, BlueBird Simulations showed off the detailed nose gear textures and engine/wing flex. These are also the first previews to feature the completed exterior model of the Boeing 757-300, the stretched model of the Boeing 757-200.

In addition to the exterior previews, BlueBird took the time to answer some FAQs regarding the 757. First, the initial release of the 757 will include both the -200 and -300 models, Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce engines, and options for winglets and non-winglets. Second, it is now confirmed that the Boeing 757 will be coming to Xbox. However, BlueBird has not confirmed whether or not the initial release would be immediately available for Xbox. Lastly, the development of a cargo variant of the 757 has been confirmed and will be available as a separate expansion pack.

It was also revealed in a later social media post that the team is aiming for a release in late summer/fall of 2023. While the flight simulator community will have to wait for this iconic airliner, these previews demonstrate the level of detail BlueBird Simulations is trying to achieve.

FSElite will continue to monitor the progress of the aircraft and any additional previews that may be released.