Sim developers BlueBird Simulations have released another video teaser of their upcoming Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, this time demonstrating their interactive checklist option and a brief look at the aircraft’s external lighting.

Despite reminding simmers that the videos are ‘not indicative of the final product’, BlueBird’s teaser videos appear to be dropping fairly frequently, having also recently previewed the aircraft being started from a cold and dark state.

The team’s latest short video showcases just one of the interactive checklists to feature in the aircraft, with items annotated and highlighted within the cockpit, offering a thorough and in-depth guide to the intricacies of the iconic jet-liner.

Furthermore, the aircraft’s external lighting is also on display, alongside an insight to the ambient lighting within the cockpit itself.

The team at BlueBird say the sounds featured in the video are default, and the virtual cockpit textures are ‘being revised’, indicating that what we are seeing is not yet a finished product. Ambiguously, they say the aircraft is ‘aiming for release later in the year’.

FSElite will continue to monitor the progress of the jet and bring you the news as and when it drops.