Blackbird Simulations (formally MilViz) has announced the news that they will be putting their ATR on hold indefinitely. The news comes via a short press release giving an update on exactly why this is the case.

“At this time, after having invested significant bucks, we’ve decided that, for the moment, we’re putting the project on hold” the statement begins. “The reasons should be obvious, but in case they’re not, I am listing them below…”

The first, and primary reason, is the fact that Microsoft is working alongside Hans Hartmann to bring their own to the simulator. Blackbird says that regardless of the price or quality level, they won’t be able to compete. This then means for Blackbird that investing more time and money on the project would just be a waste of resources.

Furthermore, the team felt that the 3D modelling was below the standard they were aiming for and would need to spend $20-$30K and several months on improving it. Again, this would hard to be justify in a market where Blackbird don’t feel they can compete.

That said, Blackbird Simulations has said that they will reevulate the situation upon the release of the Microsoft/Hans Hartmann version of the ATR.

This news will come as a disspointment to those keen to fly the plane from Blackbird Simulations, but the team need to focus their efforts on projects that make business sense. “We continue to look forward to making wonderful products for you in the future.

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