Black Square, the team behind Real Taxiways, is back but this time with a new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Velocity XL is a high-performance, single-engine aircraft with composite construction. This means the plane can fly fast, far and high, giving it a performance edge over many turboprop aircraft. Its unique, futuristic design debuted in 1986 and has proven popular since with over 1000 produced.

This unique plane is being brought to life in a detailed way on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Black Square promises to have an aircraft that is brimming with detail.

The team has built the aircraft using native Microsoft Flight Simulator tools and techniques to provide the most authentic experience possible, whilst ensuring performance is great all-round. Users will be able to fly around with the Velocity XL using the fully-featured IFR-capable panel with dual G3X Touch (Working Title G3X freeware mod recommended), GTN 750 (requires freeware PMS-50 GTN 750 mod), and GFC500 autopilot controller.

The full feature list is down below for those looking to learn even more about the Velocity XL.

Black Square’s Velocity XL can be purchased from Just Flight right now for £19.99.



Accurately modelled Velocity TXL-RG, inside and out, created from hundreds of reference photos from Velocity aircraft builders100% MSFS native animation code for the smoothest animations and cockpit interactions using either legacy or new cockpit interaction modes4096×4096 (4K) textures are used to produce the highest possible texture clarityPBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials with real-time environment reflections for superb quality and realismDetailed normal mapping for leather, fabric, plastic, stitches, scratches, carpet, tooling marks, and even embroidered logos, resulting in a texture resolution of 10,000 pixels per square inch (90.0kB)Extensive use of new MSFS decal system for nearly vector-graphic quality of labels, arrows and exterior detail featuresGround services support (marshaller and fuel truck)Full support for MSFS visual icing effects


Fully featured IFR-capable panel with dual G3X Touch (Working Title G3X freeware mod recommended), GTN 750 (requires freeware PMS-50 GTN 750 mod), and GFC500 autopilot controller, all with cross-fill, and synchronised autopilot controlsEvery knob, switch and button is interactable and implemented, along with its respective electrical circuitLighted standby instruments for worst case scenario failuresHideable side-sticksPlacarded reference speeds for easy reference while learning the aircraftDeveloped using the latest MSFS standards, including intuitive and easy-to-use controls for rotary knobs, multi-position switches and levers

Experience the power of one of the world’s fastest, highest flying, piston-driven light aircraft. From the beginning, Black Square’s Velocity XL was designed to deliver the raw excitement of operating a home-built, four-seat aircraft in the flight levels, travelling at over half the speed of sound. Enjoy features such as:

Twin, turbo-normalised engine with exhaust vibration and tailpipes that glow accurately with turbine inlet temperatureFully realised electrical system with every circuit breaker functioningChallenging push-prop engine temperature management monitored via custom G3X engine instrumentationUnique ‘two green’ retractable landing gear system, fully implemented gear warning and electric hydraulic system, with back-up gear release valve logicHear the ambient noise difference the inflatable door seal system makes to the comfort of your cruise, with door ajar warningDimmable interior lighting with backlit panels, standby instrument lighting, glareshield glow, and cozy cabin dome lightingUnusual fuel management system with combining header tank logicWorking ELT and Hobbs meter to track your flying hours

The Velocity XL features a MSFS-native (Wwise) 3D sound package taking full advantage of the new capabilities. Based on the default MSFS Extra 330, the Velocity XL’s sound set includes added sounds and custom code to create a fully featured soundscape inside and out to give the feel of the real aircraft’s power and construction.

Rich audio for every switch, button, lever and electrical systemDetailed physics-based effects on engine and wind noiseAccurately positioned 3D sound sources (best enjoyed in VR!)Crash and scraping effects for composite airframeAuthentic retractable gear sounds and whistle

Flight dynamics
The Velocity XL features realistic and accurate flight dynamics, designed to work with MSFS’s new aerodynamics simulation. The aerodynamics take advantage of new canard aerodynamics options that have only recently become available in MSFS. Users can expect the docile stall and spin-resistant characteristics of real canard aircraft with this add-on.

The Velocity XL comes with six paint schemes based on real-world aircraft:

N285VL (USA)N467AK (USA)N516K (USA)N750C (USA)N7075J (USA)G-IRTI (UK)